Film Screening – The Legend of the Reno Brothers

Come and join the Carmel Clay Historical Society as we wrap up our “Wild, Wild, Midwest: Indiana Train Heists of the 1800s” exhibition with a free public screening of the film The Legend of the Reno Brothers. The film will be screened on July 2, 7-8:30pm at the Carmel Clay Public Library. The film is recommended for ages 13 and up due to violence, alcohol usage, and strong language. 

The Legend of the Reno Brothers is a 2013 American Western documentary film by Hangman’s Crossing Productions. The world’s first three peacetime train robberies were carried out by Frank and John Reno in Seymour, Indiana. The Reno Gang became so successful the Adams Express Company and railroad tycoons hired Allan Pinkerton to bring them to justice.

The film tells brutal story of not just the brothers, but a growing town filled with corruption and inhabited by thieves, counterfeiters, murderers and rapists that was at one time considered one of the most dangerous places in the United States. It’s a forgotten part of history with a finale that caused an International incident that made newspapers all over the world. Historian Loren Noblitt states, “Everything the James Gang, Cole and Younger gangs did, they learned from the Renos.” Through interviews with historians, tours of actual locations and top notch acting, The Legend of the Reno takes the adage, “Truth is stranger than fiction” to a whole new level.

Before Jesse James; before Billy the Kid; before Tombstone – there was the Reno’s.