History Trivia

Carmel Clay Trivia – Week #1 Answers:

1. What road is the original dividing line between Clay and Delaware Townships?

Range Line Road was the original dividing line — literally, the range line — between Clay Township to the west and Delaware Township to the east.  In 1954, township boundaries were redrawn to what they are today

2. The Flowing Well on 116th Street was drilled in 1904.  What were they drilling for?

Gas – The artesian well was discovered serendipitously a century ago when some workers who were drilling for natural gas struck the well, resulting in a geyser.

3. Who was the first fire chief in Carmel?

Donald Swails

4. What was the name of the swimming pool located on 116th Street, near the White River?

Northern Beach – at one time, Northern Beach was the only park in our area. 

5. Carmel’s boundaries encompass an area that included 2 smaller towns.  What are the names of those towns?

El Dorado and Mattsville – El Dorado was part of west Carmel and Mattsville was a small village located on the south bank of Cool Creek.