Information Still Needed on Carmel Farms

Carmel Clay Farms Research—Information Still Needed



Can you provide any historic photos of the farms in this study?

What do you know about the relationships of farm owners over time where it appears that the farm changed hands, searching for marriage/inheritance relationships.  Eichard Farm is an example.

What farms are not included that should be added?

Can you add any information to the study in the “What’s there now?” sections?



Acorn Farm:  Interview owner/operator (Herb/Dee Sweet’s daughter, I believe) of antiques/gift shop.  Ask for historic photos.  Photograph historic home.

American Breeders Service (ABS) Farm:  Research Mattox-Moore and determine history of farm.  John Fish suggests ABS still operates today in Wisconsin.

Bassett Farm:  Query CHS ’63 Bill Bassett regarding history.

Block Farm:  Locate photo(s) of Block Mansion, inhabited or abandoned.  Locate history of Block Farm.

Cox Farm:  Photograph mansion.  Photograph any other buildings of interest on property.

Cricklewood Farm:  Obtain information from Doug Callahan.  [DC]  Photograph entrance sign not in rain.  Investigate/photograph mailboxes in pasture.  [KD]

Foster-Kendall Farm:  Interview CHS ’49 Charlie Foster regarding farm (interview CHS ’49 Pat Burgher Foster at same time).

Garner Farm:  Photograph Garner Farm from ground level.  Query residents regarding history.  Are they relatives?  Did Ethel Garner inherit farm from Klingensmiths?

Gregg Farm:  Query descendants and/or h.h.gregg company regarding farm history.

Harvey Farm:  Photograph Harvey home.  Did Harveys farm Earl Stewart’s 80 acres (see research for details)?  How were Warren Harvey and Juanita Harvey related?

Haston Farm:  Photograph cedar tree closer and with more sky contrast.

Hensel Farm:  Photograph abandoned farm house in trees to east of barn and close to road when leaves are off of trees.

Hobby Horse Farm:  Interview Frenzel/Bookwalter families regarding history.  Do “hobby horse” entrance posts still exist?  If so, photograph.

Hoffman Farm:  Photograph barn to east.

Hoover Farm:  Interview CHS ’37 Jeanette Hoover Roberts regarding history (address Newby Farm and Powell Farm as well).

Katterhenry Farm:  Interview CHS ’60 Jim Katterhenry regarding history.

Kinzer Family Farm:  Interview CHS ’54 Joan Weikal Ball, a Kinzer descendant, regarding farm (address Weikal Farm as well).

Kirk Farm:  Interview CHS ’64 Tom Kirk regarding history.

Lamb Farm:  Interview Ray(mond) Lamb regarding history.

Mayo Farm:  Interview CHS ’62 Judi Mayo Deering regarding history.

Moffitt Family Farm (1):  Interview CHS ’46 Eleanor Stuckey Moffitt regarding history. (address Moffitt Family Farm (2) and Stuckey Farm as well).

Moffitt Family Farm (2):  Interview descendant(s) regarding history.

Myers Family Farm:  Interview Jerry Myers regarding history.

Newby Farm:  Photograph Micah Newby Home without brick retaining wall in the way.

Palin Farm:  Was Palin Farm ever formally Senator Farm?  Locate newspaper article on mid-50’s fire.

Randall Family Farm:  Interview CHS ’58 Neal Randall regarding history.

Riley Brothers Farm:  Interview Medill and Kathleen Riley regarding history.

Two Gaits Farm:  Obtain information from Dick McNamara.

White Haven Farm:  Was E.J. Hamilton Russell White’s son-in-law?