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New Book Available

December 6, 2022

We are excited to announce that our new book is now available! From Bethlehem to Carmel covers the time period 1822–1899. It begins with a chapter on Carmel’s Quaker roots. Quakers founded the town of Bethlehem, now Carmel, in 1837. Their advocacy for education, abolitionism, peace and temperance largely shaped the culture in town for much of the nineteenth century.

This book also discusses the impact of the Civil War, tells the stories of the freedmen and freedwomen who made their home here after emancipation, and tells how the town developed during the Gilded Age. The book concludes with the history of three forgotten towns—Mattsville, Sockum/Eldorado, and East Branch/Gray—and a history of the nineteenth century churches.

The book can be purchased online and will be available at All Things Carmel in December.

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