mattsville store photo

In 1860 Madison Richardson, or “Matt” as he was called, purchased six acres on the bank of Cool creek in Delaware Township (now Clay Township). Matt built a two-story building. The Richardson family lived upstairs. He operated a small grocery and general store on the first floor. To get water from the well at the back of the house, the Richardsons pumped it into a bucket and used a pulley to get it to the second floor.

The store attracted more settlers, and soon Mattsville was a small village that consisted of four log cabins, two houses, a saw mill and the general store. The road outside the store became known as Mattsville Pike. Today we call it 116th Street. Matt’s store became a gathering place for the other villagers. It had a post office inside in which people could pick up their mail once a week. The saw mill was later converted into a grist mill to grind grains like corn and wheat.

Today Matt’s store and residence is the only Mattsville building still standing.

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