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Teacher Resources

The Carmel Clay Historical Society has developed PowerPoint presentations and accompanying curriculum materials for use in local school. Students study local history in second grade and county history in third grade, and our presentations for each grade include historic photographs of Carmel and the communities in Hamilton County. The presentations are available through Carmel Educational Services. Contact Carmel’s Director of Curriculum for more information.

In addition, we have created a page that will aid students in research projects on 11 historical topics. The CCHS can also visit local schools to talk about local history. This offering is free and includes hands-on artifacts students can utilize.

School Tours

School groups can visit the Monon Depot Museum for field trips. Students are broken up into groups of approximately 35. The groups alternate between a talk about Carmel history and hands-on activities in the Monon Depot Museum, and a walk down the Monon to envision the area as a once-bustling railroad corridor and through Old Town, where they will compare the structures standing today to photographs of those that once populated the town. CCHS volunteers guide students and chaperones through Old Town.

School visits to the Monon Depot Museum meet curriculum requirements in social studies, math, language arts, and science. Cost of school tours is $3 per child and includes a pre- or post-tour visit to the school by one of our volunteers, who will bring hands-on components to the classroom to reinforce material presented during the visit. Adults/chaperones are free.