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Silas Moffitt Home

Silas Moffitt left his family in North Carolina and traveled to Delaware Township in 1822. The journey through the wilderness was rough. He bought 80 acres of land and built a small, floorless log cabin near White River, and then went back to North Carolina to bring his family to their new home. The Moffitt family brought all of their possessions to their new Indiana home in one wagon in 1823. They were the only settlers in the area for a few years. Most of their neighbors were Native-American.

In 1827 Silas not only built a large brick house, he also made the bricks himself in a brick mill from clay he found on his property. It was the second brick house built in the township. Almost everything that was worn and used was made at home. He worked hard on his farm and was able to save enough money to buy lots of land all over Hamilton County. Silas was active in the township and county governments.