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White Chapel Church

The Methodists in the Mattsville area of Carmel first met in the original one-room Blue School just east of Farley Cemetery in 1835. Later they met in an old house on Michael Wise’s property. The house was too small; they needed a new building. Reverend Jacob White asked Peter Wise if he would donate some land on which they could build the new church. Peter agreed and offered to saw the lumber needed to build the church for free.

Jacob next asked the congregation to meet two days a week to clear the land, cut the logs and build the church. When the church was completed in 1853, only fourteen dollars had been spent on paint, a stove and some other supplies. All the labor and other materials had been donated.

More than 160 years later, the church still holds weekly services. It is the only pioneer church still in existence in Clay Township. A small cemetery sits next to the church.